Booking Fee

At the time of booking your appointment you will be required to pay a booking fee to secure. This booking fee is fully refundable as long as the cancellation policy below has not been breeched. 

The booking fee is $30 per hour of treatment or $10 for all appointments < 30 minutes.

 This is calculated per service automatically via our online booking system.

As we know you will love your appointment and will want to return we do offer to add the booking fee to your account as a gift card ensuring you do not need to keep paying a new booking fee each time you visit. 

This gift card will only be used if the cancellation policy is breeched or if you choose to use it at an appointment.

Cancellation Policy

The time you schedule is reserved for your exclusive use. When appointments are missed, or cancelled without sufficient notice, we’re often unable to fill the vacancy, causing substantial financial impact to the business.

Most businesses increase their prices to cover this shortfall however we do not feel that that is fair to our amazing clients who value our time. Instead we simply request that you pay a deposit towards your appointment to secure.

Should you need to cancel your appointment with us, we request a minimum of 24 hours notice. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will result in the deposit being forfeited. 

Rescheduled appointments with a minimum of 12 hours notice,  held within 7 days of the original appointment will have the deposit transferred to the rescheduled appointment. 

If you are uncomfortable with submitting your card details via our secure booking  portal please call the salon to place your appointment (a deposit will still be requested)

Refund Policy

During your appointment you will be asked if you are happy with the service. If you are unhappy we urge you to please let us know so we can resolve the issue for you. If you choose to say yes and then change your mind later we will happily book you in to address the issue for you. Under no circumstances will we refund you for services rendered. 

Late Arrival Policy

We want you to fully enjoy your time with us, so please arrive promptly for your service. Treatments at Sassy Minx are designed to deliver the most benefit within the time allotted. As a courtesy to our other guests, we’re unable to extend service times or issue refunds for late arrivals. While we make every effort to accommodate late arrivals, if you are more than fifteen minutes late, your service may have to be rescheduled and our cancellation fee will apply.

No Children Policy

We love children-some of us even have a few of our own!

At Sassy Minx we strive to maintain a relaxing atmosphere, and provide you with a retreat from your hectic life. Children have the potential to compromise that atmosphere, so for the comfort and relaxation of all clients, children are ONLY PERMITTED as clients.

We ask that you make childcare arrangements prior to visiting, especially if your child is sick.

If you arrive with children we will be required to reschedule your appointment and our cancellation policy will need to be enforced.

Right To Refuse Service Policy

For your safety, comfort, and satisfaction, Sassy Minx reserves the right to refuse service at our discretion when necessary. More than anything, we want to ensure you have a great experience at our salon and leave happy with the work we do. Please trust the judgement of our trained professionals.

Duty To Inform Policy

Your full disclosure during all pre-service consultations is mandatory. Sassy Minx will not assume responsibility for any adverse reactions suffered when a guest has failed to inform us of contraindicating conditions.

Scope Of Practice Policy

In Queensland, state law prohibits salon professionals from diagnosing or treating clients with hair/skin/nail abnormalities of any kind. Should your professional determine that you are ineligible for service, we will happily refer you to an appropriate physician. When your condition has been resolved, you are more than welcome to return.