Members Only

You have a gym and netflix membership, because you know memberships are the easiest way to manage the things that mean the most to you. Why limit that freedom to just the basics? Sassy Minx is now giving you the option to look and feel amazing all year round with our very own membership service.

When you literally just woke up like this.

How Does It Work?

Choosing a payment package with Sassy Minx is SUPER EASY.

1. Have a look at our service menu and decide what you would like to have and how often.

2. Simply fill in the form below and let us know which services they are and if you would like to include any nail art options.

3. We will then email you a link requesting you to enter your preferred payment method to complete the direct debit request. 

4. Jump online and book in your next appointments.


Example: Sally has an acrylic nail infill every 3 weeks, she has her waxing and pedicure every 6 weeks and a facial once a month. Her total balance without art every 6 weeks is $426. She chooses to pay weekly $71 + $0.88c fee = $71.88

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